Haven Firm | Buy or Sell
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Buy or Sell

Whether you are buying or selling, we can help you find a buyer or a home that best fits your needs.

Real estate transactions can be incredibly stressful, without proper guidance and professional experience.  We aim to assist you through the process of purchasing or selling a home, ensuring that you get the most for your money in the shortest amount of time possible.  There are many things that are simply out of your control — real estate is, after all, a market of supply and demand.  With our knowledge, we advise you on how to leverage changing market trends and we will keep you informed of relevant laws and practices in the DMV area.

The Home Buying Process

1) Pre-Approval

Potential buyers apply for loan pre-approval.

2) Home Search

Buyers complete forms including a buyer's questionnaire.

3) Offer

Buyers submit EMD and make an offer on a home they would like to purchase.

4) Contract

Offer is accepted by the seller.

5) Home Inspection

Buyer schedules a home inspection.

6) Appraisal

Lender schedules an appraisal.

7) Financing

Once the loan is approved, the lender issues a loan commitment letter, pledging to loan the buyer a specified amount for the purchase of the home.

8) Settlement

We’re here to help

While we specialize in residential real estate, including multi-unit properties, mobile and manufactured homes, we are also licensed to assist in any real estate transactions of interest, including commercial, land, and other income-producing investments.

Let’s find the home of your dreams.